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House Number Description:

Identify your home uniquely and beautifully with StoneStuff house numbers. StoneStuff house numbers look great and virtually last forever. These house numbers do not rust, tarnish or dull and only look better with a little weathering.

StoneStuff house numbers are available in four colors (grey, beige, terra-cotta, and taupe) are approximately one inch thick and can be any combination of numerals.

StoneStuff house numbers are easy to install on most homes and are a great way to add some distinction to your home. Click here for installation instructions.

House Number Details:

Price: $17.95/character
Material: Sandstone
Approx. Size: 6" high by 3-4½" wide
Approx. Thickness: 1" (approximate)
Colors: StoneStuff Color BeigeStoneStuff Color GreyStoneStuff Color Terra-CottaStoneStuff Color Terra-Cotta
*Due to natural variations in the stone colors displayed are approximate.

Order House Numbers Here:

Order your house numbers in four simple steps.
Step 1 - Select the color:
Step 2 - Enter the number of the address needed:
Step 3 - Enter the total number of digits:
Step 4 - Click "Add to Cart" :
StoneStuff Grey House NumbersStoneStuff Beige House Number "Zero"StoneStuff House Humbers Grey "Five"StoneStuff House Numbers Terra-Cotta "Seven"StoneStuff House Numbers Terra-Cotta "Six" and "Seven"StoneStuff House Numbers "2343"