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House Number Installation Instructions:

Installation of StoneStuff house numbers is simple using items commonly found around the home ( a household electric drill and silicone caulking or adhesive).

Drill level holes in wood, brick or siding of home.

Insert a 2”(inch) screw into the hole, leaving ¼” to ½” exposed.

Place adhesive on the lower back of the number and onto the screw head.

Place the number onto the screw and press toward the wall. Position as required.

House Number Details:

Price: $17.95/character
Material: Sandstone
Approx. Size: 6" high by 3-4½" wide
Approx. Thickness: 1" (approximate)
Colors: StoneStuff Color BeigeStoneStuff Color GreyStoneStuff Color Terra-Cotta

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StoneStuff Grey House NumbersStoneStuff Beige House Number "Zero"StoneStuff House Humbers Grey "Five"StoneStuff House Numbers Terra-Cotta "Seven"StoneStuff House Numbers Terra-Cotta "Six" and "Seven"StoneStuff House Numbers "2343"